When Retail Isn’t Therapy – It’s time for a design expert

Posted on September 1, 2015 in Blog

When Retail Isn’t Therapy –  It’s time for a design expert

After we have finished a design project I always share the before photos with my clients to show them how far we have come.

Inevitably, I know many of them will flat out deny that the before photos were of their home. Yes, this is done with a sense of humour but it’s also because now that they are living in their ideal home it’s hard for them to believe they waited, stressed, and often mulled it over a few years or worse half did it themselves and regretted that decision even more. I know it may sound like I am blowing my own horn here and partly I am but mostly I am telling the truth for most homeowners who have had the positive experience of working with a professional designer who was able to take a few ideas and turn them into design concepts and then beautiful spaces that reflect their clients true desires and family lifestyle.


Most of us live busy ‘family filled activity’ lives when we aren’t working or taking off for a few days hoping to turn off our phones. So, when do you actually have time to research all of the options and then communicate this with your spouse in a way they will see a happy ending instead of a financial and emotional drain? Sure the internet is full of fabulous finished projects. I know because ours are loaded online too. It is a great resource but then what? What is the process? What will last? What will fit? What will stand up? What’s a waste and what’s a good investment? What will that colour actually look like on the wall? On the sofa? On the kitchen counter? What did I forget? And we haven’t even touched why, when, who, how, or where.


There is a reason smart savvy professionals know that working as a team with a designer will ensure a better project outcome. Will you feel some stress? Probably. You are making changes and you are making choices so doubt, fear and excitement are all part of the process. And it is new and outside of your comfort zone. However, it is a process we have repeated successfully and we know you can too.

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