Virtue of Design on a River Cruise Ship!

Posted on August 24, 2014 in Blog

Virtue of Design on a River Cruise Ship!
Like many of you my husband and I love to travel but we don’t like the packing and unpacking that traditional touring involves. Needless to say that when we read about European River Cruises we wanted to sign up. We looked at a variety of providers but selected Scenic Cruises for a number of reasons. One of the key reasons we selected Scenic Cruise Lines was because of their attention to the design details of their ships and in particular the cabins.

Our selected tour took us from Amsterdam along the Rhine, across the Main River/Canal and along the Danube to Budapest over 15 days this summer. Fifteen days is a relatively long time to spend in a cabin on a ship so as a designer I really did compare cruise lines prior to booking and there are important design differences which I felt impacted our ability to live comfortably during our voyage. And I can say that the reality exceeded our expectations.


Scenic Tours – Cabin bathroom

The cabin layouts truly appealed to me more than many of the other cruise lines. The closets ran the length of the room buffering any sounds between our bed and the hallway. The high quality European style sliding closet doors made access to our clothing and bar area a breeze. The full height padded headboard was well finished and also helped with sound absorption. Beds and bedding were new and of high quality. Lighting was well placed and had numerous adjustments. And, the unique balcony was also a great feature allowing us full use of our suite while keeping our privacy. An ingenious design that many other tourists were seen photographing.

However, the most pleasant surprise was the bathroom both aesthetically and functionally. I have had the privilege of staying in 5 & 6 star hotels/resorts and enjoyed their luxuriously expansive bath areas which are often large and lavish. But, a Deluxe Cabin on a river cruise ship is only 225 square feet including the balcony and bath, so designing luxury features needs to take in every square inch. I can honestly say the shower was simply amazing with fantastic water pressure and always plenty of hot water. And, the water was whisked away down the drain with no back up which can some times be an issue when the water pressure is good. The toilet flushed wonderfully and the  sink/counter area was well laid out with extra shelving. The bathroom also had been designed with a pleasing visual impact. Compact in size yet surprisingly roomy.


California Faucet is known for luxury in design –

Now that we are back home we are just beginning our own master bath renovation. And many of the features we experienced on our ship have played prominently in my design.

Great water pressure without waste, proper drainage and beauty are all part of our plan too. Our tour memories are vast yet we will also remember our well laid out cabin and our great showers fondly.



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