Rise and Shine — Valleyhigh Master Bath

Posted on May 7, 2014 in Blog

Rise and Shine — Valleyhigh Master Bath
Bringing order to chaos is what the lady of the house, a busy executive and mother of three, does on a daily basis, and she needed her master bath redesign to do the same. To be fair her husband a school vice principal shares in these family tasks – they have a good balance. The trim, tranquil space provides for a regimented morning routine as well as a welcoming, rewarding retreat to come home to, complete with the understated luxuries of a five-star hotel.

When I first visited this family of five, their household struck me as impressively and pleasantly hive-like. The husband and wife are busy professionals, and the kids are involved in sports and other activities. The action is nonstop yet orderly. And it all starts at 5 a.m. It was up to me to help these busy bees get off to a good start. Using my signature ‘Discovery Process’ to bring to light all the factors that shape the design, including personal tastes and lifestyle factors, I designed a space that promotes efficiency in the morning while offering enticements to linger when time permits, including an enveloping tub and a deluxe shower with multiple spray features.

The original bathroom had but one thoughtful detail for people who are constantly on the go — J-hooks as opposed to a traditional towel rack, which saves a few precious moments. Otherwise, the bathroom’s setup and amenities were neither efficient nor inspiring. The all-door, builder’s spec cabinets made organization all but impossible, even for this orderly couple. The corner tub and its indelicate tile surround looked imposing rather than inviting, and made the rest of the space seem cramped. Overall, the bathroom looked dated and dark.

Today, the redesigned bathroom allows for military precision carried out with a sunny disposition. I added layers of light including recessed overhead fixtures, fabulous sculptural sconces, and a chandelier above the sleek tub. The sink is shared, freeing up space for the husband and wife to have separate banks of drawers with individualized storage solutions. Rising so early in the cold Canadian winters, a sense of warmth was important, so we chose rich wood tones and floor tiles with golden specks as well as heated floors. The window treatments are linen over blackout roller blinds for complete privacy when needed. The colour palette consists of creams layered upon whites for heavenly depth.


The Brizo faucet has a rich finish and a crystal detail that reflects the light gorgeously. We wanted special details like these to catch the eye and arouse a sense of marvel even as the couple rushes off to catch the train for work. While some bathrooms scream opulence, theirs whispers luxury and discernment. And it’s that whisper that motivates them each morning, serving as a reminder of why they work so assiduously, and beckoning them to come home and enjoy the fruits of their labour.


All the luxe details aside, it’s the shower that inspires the most awe. Visually, the shower looks simple enough, but experientially, it’s so amazing that the wife joked that she’d never see her husband again. Designed especially for him, this shower features massaging jets, showerheads with multiple settings, and a rainhead shower, all configured and plumbed so every spray feature can operate at once with no loss of pressure. Although we kept the same footprint, I opened up the wall and widened the door 14 inches, which dramatically changed the look and feel of the shower. Whereas the original shower was dark and dingy, the new one is spacious and sparkling. This is one example of a small physical alteration that brings about a huge lifestyle improvement.

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