Morrison Heights Residence – Lower Level Renovation

Posted on December 19, 2012 in Blog

Morrison Heights Residence – Lower Level Renovation

These wonderful clients, in Oakville, are a blended family who love to entertain often. Whether watching a game or hosting formal dinner parties this layout was not working on many levels. The entire space really felt cramped yet the room itself is quite large.

Guests would end up congregating inside of the kitchen area because the traffic flow was cut off between the doorway and the table. The bar area faced the wall and ended up becoming more of a dumping zone. One set of doors was not even accessible to exit to the beautifully landscaped yard. We needed to completely redesign.

Original Family Room Layout








NEW Layout!


First things first. Starting with the idea that we would design on paper based on the ideal layout and then look at a budget. If we needed to go in stages then we would as long as the clients would finally get the full use out of this potentially fantastic room. As you can see by the layout we flipped the room and created zones.  This is the advantage of dealing with a professional interior decorator.



The television and fireplace are now located in the smaller end of the room and create a dramatic focal. There is less light and more privacy whether watching a movie or having a glass of wine by a roaring fire. The larger dining table has been repurposed to the new dining room allowing us to have a smaller everyday table located in the kitchen eating area. This also opens up the traffic flow for moving from room to room easily. The bar area is now a great focal area as well. Everyone can easily congregate at the bar and can watch television or just hang out. We took this opportunity to add a snack/drinks fridge drawer, an ice maker drawer, a wine cooler, and a second dishwasher. A mirror behind the bar area reflects natural light and the landscaped view. We even were able to create a private chaise lounge reading vignette by the back window that easily doubles as a bench when the party is in full swing on the dance floor area. The door to the patio area is now freed up and allows great access to their stunning yard.


Renovated After Views of the Entertainment Zone and the Bar Zone

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