Design Ingenuity + Luck + Professional Painters = Dream Kitchen

Posted on December 7, 2012 in Blog

Design Ingenuity + Luck + Professional Painters = Dream Kitchen

We have been working with this wonderful client family for almost 10 years. For the most part we worked one room at a time, as we created this blended family’s comfortably chic home.

When they are not globetrotting they are entertaining and the kitchen didn’t reflect their aesthetic. We had been putting off redoing it because of the perceived budget. However, since the rest of the lower level was being completely gutted and renovated my client looked over at me, slammed a hammer into the most offending bulkhead in creation only to find out … was empty. There were no vents or pipes or ducts. Whoa Hoo!!!! we all danced.


Seriously, we had a little mini party because the budget just went from $$$$$ to under $10,000 for the construction. And, yes this is unheard of in renovations where we always find surprises that cost more but here we are with a renovation that actually cost less. I had honestly been looking forward to removing this bulkhead more than my clients. As a designer it had taunted me long enough. When you work with clients in their home and have a pet peeve stare at you for years – it’s annoying. Patience was rewarded for my clients but I felt ecstatic that it was going to be such a simple project.


Morrison Heights Residence Kitchen Makeover in Oakville consisted of redoing the bulkheads in order to allow custom millwork to finish the kitchen cupboards. By adding molding and crown we were able to visually add height greatly improving the scale in proportion to the room height. Next we had the room professionally painted to create a fresh, inviting feel to the space. The centre island base was painted a dark brown/black to tie in with the new custom bar area in the adjoining room and the repurposed kitchen table. This unfitted cabinetry style is chic and appropriate for this home which is decorated in a blend of styles that we interior designers refer to as Modern Traditional.

New lighting, custom drapery panels, beautiful fabrics and nickel nailhead details all add sparkle. The transformation is quite remarkable and I can’t imagine anyone would not consider painting good quality but older solid wood cupboards after they view this visually stunning makeover.



  1. Thanks for sharing this! It is important that you should hire professional painters so that you’ll know that they can give you good service. Like the pictures above, it shouws are very nice painted kitchen. Thats what professionals can achieve.

  2. Those are very nice pictures. It is always good to hire professionals to do the painting because they know how to blend colors and what color would best fit your interior. Also, the most important thing is that they do high quality of work. Referrals from your friends is also a big help.

  3. Great pictures! The interior looks very nice and very neat! I like the change of color for the cabinets because it makes the house looks more lighter and calmer. 🙂

  4. Wow! Those are wonderful transformation. It is always good to hire professionals to paint your rooms because they know what colors to use. Like the above pictures, the colors will really matter on the lightness or brightness of the room.

  5. I love the after result. It’s nicer becuase it looks so neat and the color is lighter. Very cool sight for the eyes.

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