The Millcroft Master Bedroom

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The Millcroft Master Bedroom

A Little R&R … &R (Rest, Relaxation, Romance)

— The Millcroft Master Bedroom

The open floor plan in the Millcroft family home fosters “together time” with the couple’s two boys, but there’s nary a nook or cranny for quiet time or couple time. The master bedroom redesign provides a peaceful retreat with practical details to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes it takes deep discussions and poring over pictures and magazines to determine the mood that my clients want, but in this case, the couple’s needs and wants were clear from the start. With an open floor plan and two teen boys, they wanted a calm, quiet space to reconnect and recharge. Their master bedroom lacked a sense of serenity, in part because it no longer reflected the couple’s tastes. Today, the master bedroom provides a sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere with a soothing, color palette of caramel, gray, cream and plum.



As this “before” photo shows, there was cause for discomfort beyond the couple’s dislike of the furniture. The room’s unusual shape and odd angles, along with its windows, made it difficult to arrange furniture in a way that made sense for the them. The hardware ranged from shiny brass on the light fixture and curtain rods to almost black on the dresser. It’s just this sort of jarring juxtaposition that makes a room’s occupant feel ill at ease, by creating visual discord.

Of greater consequence was the lack of storage and inadequate lighting. The couple had no choice but to stack things on surfaces and stow stuff in corners, albeit tidily. They couldn’t read in bed without eye strain. And, as you can see in the before picture below, the bedroom wasn’t closed off from the master bath (see the half-wall and its view of the bathroom mirror) creating a discomfiting sense of exposure for the occupant in either space.


Maximizing functionality is always the first step in a design project, no matter what mood or atmosphere a client wants to achieve. I addressed the awkward layout, created layers of lighting, and designed a built-in armoire and other storage solutions.

Next came all the lifestyle elements, based on how the couple envisioned using the space. Eliminating the half wall and the original armoire made room for a sitting area where the couple enjoys sipping wine and quietly conversing after dinner. Complete with an ottoman and adjustable lamp, the area is also used for reading and watching TV.


The spacious, built-in armoire is stained to match the cabinetry in the master bathroom, for a sense of continuity.

While the armoire is stately and the seating area practically beckons when you walk in the room, it’s the upholstered headboard that serves as the room’s focal point. The size and height of the bed, with its luxe, ultra-thick mattress, calls for higher bedside tables, as shown above. Furnishings that aren’t scaled properly affect a room’s functionality and overall aesthetics, causing occupants some degree of discomfort, even if they can’t quite pinpoint the cause. The nightstands have special wiring and hideaway chargers and plugs so the glow from the couple’s electronics won’t disrupt their sleep in the least.

From the amount of sunlight pouring in the windows, you’d never believe that the new Roman shades (a Joanne Jakab original design with JF Fabrics) completely black out the room when drawn. Creating a cocoon-like atmosphere, blackout window treatments are worth the investment if you value a good night’s sleep.

The room’s furnishings were chosen from various manufacturers for a “collected” aesthetic versus a matchy, just-purchased look. Featured products include custom bed, chairs and ottoman by Silva Custom Furniture; bedding by West Elm; nightstands by West Bros; round side table (seating area) by Lexington; area rug by Hellenic; hardwood flooring by Superior Wood; fabrics by Equus and JAB; lighting and art print by HomeSense; ceiling fan by Fanimation; accessories by Elte and HomeSense; and Grandma’s China matte paint from Benjamin Moore’s Aura Colour Stories line.

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