Interior Design Trends in Oakville Ontario – How do we choose?

Posted on October 28, 2011 in Blog

Interior Design Trends in Oakville Ontario – How do we choose?

Interior Design trends in Oakville run the gamut from colourful new country to sophisticated chic. Our styles do mirror the global trends yet we have a tendency to be a little slower to adapt the leading edgy looks. So what can you expect from future trends? And how will you be swayed?

Let’s use a newer trend that most of us have heard about recently – mid-century modern. This design style started to be selected for projects by leading designers about a year or two ago. Although the mid-century modern look is not yet as popular in our more traditionally decorated homes I expect it will grow in popularity here too because it is fresh yet nostalgic. It originated – like many trends – in the streets where the hip young global urbanites seem to be able to reinvent classic lines over again to suit them. Classic in this case is not traditional but it is an aesthetically pleasing look we return too over and over again.

The latest reincarnation of mid-century design has been available in very high end retailers in Toronto and I feel we will see more in our Burlington, Milton and Oakville homes over the next few years. I for one have ordered some yummy pieces from Thayer-Coggin one of the leading North American designers and manufacturers of mid-century modern. I opted to invest in quality North American made furnishings because I like to incorporate future based, long lasting trends when I transform my home.

Look, I have just returned from the Global Centre of Home Furnishings – High Point North Carolina where I participated in the 2011 Fall Market. There are millions of square feet of home furnishings from hundreds of manufacturers – it is a dizzying array of fabulous new launches. Designers and buyers from around the globe descend here twice a year to make commitments for their clients and showrooms from the latest creations. What we see and select now will show up for the first time next Spring. That is a full 6 months away!


This picture is of a favorite chair from High Point 2011. Comfortable, trend forward, and made here in North America, I love how the designer has taken inspiration from his everyday experiences and transformed them into a piece of useable art. You will see this incredible chair at select retailers and designers soon. This design element can combine with many styles, room settings and is at home in the office too!

And, many of the mid-century modern elements of these trends will not even hit the mass marketing retailers for another 2 to 5 years. By then the trend will be in every magazine and advertisement. There will always be a home for mid-century modern for the true lovers but as a trend it will retreat and one of the next leading edge young urbanite looks will take centre stage.

So, where does this leave you – the Oakville homeowner? It depends on your view of design for your home. If you adapt a look with a designer who works with you and translate’s that with a future trends mindset then your home will be transformed and have a design lifespan from 2 to 10 years longer than if you wait until a local mass merchandiser brings a couple containers of knock offs from oversees. Your personal comfort with design styles should be part of the conversation you have when creating your plan. And, I feel you will be able to enjoy your environment with your friends and families far more too when you follow the process and create a plan. Quality does not always mean the highest price but it almost always means the best value.

I feel smart homeowners whether they live in Oakville, Burlington or Paris, France understand that creating a home environment that they love takes more than just buyng a few pieces of furniture or painting the walls a new shade. It takes a design plan, it takes commitment to a process, it takes a vulnerability to share your thoughts about family, entertaining and money. So whether you are considering a project today or in the future I hope you look at the process and your needs before you get caught up in buying. There is an enormous gap between purchasing design elements and buying “stuff”. My recent purchases of Thayer-Coggin mid-century modern were part of my families design plan and we began this project process in the spring.

Always have fun with your interior design and decorating. I feel the best way to know what trend is for you is to have a design plan in place so that when you transform your home it’s a reflection of you – like a new outfit or a new vehicle – keep up with a trend but stay within your comfort zone.

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  1. The way you explained the stuff is really important and i keep these points in my book so when i gonna make my interior to new loo,i follow these tips!!!

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