Great Local Shopping & Services

Posted on March 4, 2011 in Blog

Great Local Shopping & Services

I feel acknowledging great local shopping and services supports each of our communities to grow and stay strong regardless of the global economy.

With this in mind I will occasionally share my finds with you in hopes you will share back!

Today is “My Hair Share”. OMG – do you struggle like I do to find a quality product line that cleans yet doesn’t dry or worse over condition and leave a matted mess. Since most of my “locks” are now a variety of shades other that my au natural I can confess I miss my hair!!! Really and truly I miss my “young” hair more than my “young skin” or “young body”. For the last few years I have struggled  with fly aways. And even worse my back is a mess thanks to chemical reactions to natural products.

TA DA!!! I have found my miracle and it was by pure chance. Although I do believe that in life when you are willing to share your story good karma will always find you. Well, my very good friend sent me to a fantastic masseuse Eva at Soleil Spa in Oakville and while I was waiting I reconnected with a great friend Diana stylist extraordinaire and the owner.

We chatted and voila I ended with with a handful of free samples for my very dried and stressed tresses. One week later and I truly can state that my hair looks like an 18 year olds beautiful locks. So simple yet so impossible to achieve without the right guidance and super quality products. Diana has been supplying these products to her clients for 30 years. A well kept Oakville Secret I am glad to blab about.

Ready? Well, the product line is Rene Futerer Paris and they are 50!

Now if you really want to burst the dry and brittle bubble drop in and see Diana Saulez

Soleil Salon & Spa  267 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, ON L6J 1H9(905) 844-1888 ‎ and I can promise you a wonderful experience.

Enjoy your town!



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