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Posted on April 15, 2015 in Blog

A Family Values Lifestyle


Growing up I know many of us were kept away from the good furniture unless we were dressed up for a special occasion and even then little hands were carefully watched.

I know some families went to the far extreme of covering furniture in thick plastic, extra blankets and even banning their kids completely from entering certain formal rooms at all.

I know my clients don’t want to live that way. They crave a more sophisticated home that reflects the best version of who they are yet when I meet them they have often resigned themselves to living with furniture that is not close to their ideal. They have simply bought throw away pieces assuming this was their only alternative to allowing their kids (and sometimes grown up guests) free reign that would be stress free for them all. Unfortunately, they were not aware of design product solutions available in the marketplace today or they would not have wasted their money. Thankfully, we have furniture solutions that are luxurious in look, sumptuous in feel, today’s ‘clean feeling’ modern in style and ohhh so easy to entertain and live with it’s almost sinful.

Technology has transformed our ability to have 100% Linen in the family room as shown here in this South Oakville project.

Neither pizza nor red wine can damage these fabulously stylish chairs or the custom made chaise lounge.


Here in the kitchen the chair seats have subtle metallic infused faux leather that is both elegant and practical.

Luxury and family friendly can live in stress-free harmony and with today’s technology we can offer a multitude of design options.

If you are planning to update your home please consider calling us first. I know we have the experience and expertise that will make you feel confident and comfortable.


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