Commercial Case Study: Oakville, Ontario

Tom Hitchman, President
Tom Hitchman, President

I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did in selecting layouts, colours, fabrics, designs, pictures – the whole works.  It is a beautiful job, one that I am very proud of and you should be too.  You are a very talented person.


The Naylor Group : Oakville, Ontario

The Naylor Group Inc. is an industry leading multi-trade mechanical, electrical, communications and renewable energy merit contractor that has been providing service, maintenance, repairs and installations to the commercial and industrial sector since 1968. Joanne Jakab Interior Design was appointed to complete the design and fit-out of the new workspace so the entire 10,000 square foot facility would allow employees, clients and visitors to work and interact more effectively. This was a collaborative project with Tom Hitchman the founder and CEO had an overall vision of how he wanted the physical space to enhance the management philosophy of having an open door policy as well as a transparent level of decison making. Attracting and keeping the best workforce is challenging in today’s environment. We know that a modern updated facility that enhances the employees wellbeing adds to the organisations ability to both attract and keep these individuals.


Location: Oakville, Ontario
Sector: Engineering
Project size: 10,000sq ft
Scope of works: Design > Fit-out


The Brief

The objective of the remodel/renovation in  Oakville was to better organise Naylor’s business that had grown and developed in new areas because of technology. The design scheme had to provide suitable office and warehouse space with full acccess for the trades which had become a maintenance issue. Approximately 100 members of staff in total had to be accommodated and the scheme also had to encompass common areas, including the reception, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, a gym and washroom facilities.


The Solution

Joanne created a design to increase the feeling of space and light to improve typical office working conditions. Using a palette of sky blues and golden sand the large office areas and smaller dark areas were instantly infused with a feeling of light. Old style blinds were replaced with modern roller shades that allow more light while controlling computer glare. Next, all the old carpet in the main hallways was removed and they were fitted with a natural stone that can be cleaned to keep outside dirt from building up and adds drama and interest. All of the office areas have new high quality carpeting that is also stain resistant, easy to maintain, helps with sound travel and adds to the overall design. Private offices reflect the personal tastes of each executive which gives the design a unique inviting warmth. All of the managers offices had glass fitted to increase light and meet with the open door policy.

In addition, Joanne installed  a one of a kind custom designed art collage. The art collage assists with directing visitors from reception through the accounting area to Naylor’s Executive – Sales area which is the main destination. From a design perspective, it infuses a long dark hallway with unexpected panache. In house training is almost a daily  requirement for this fast paced organisation. The new meeting room was outfitted with Kite tables that can be easily reconfigured into any  meeting style by one person without any equipment or downtime. The main kitchen with oversized coffee station is incorporated into the back area of the meeting room which improved the flow of meetings and training sessions. Custom artwork is found throughout the facility and this is due to Tom Hitchman’s support of Canadian artists. He is also responsible for the large healthy plants that he feels add an element of nature even during the winter.


The Result

Overall, Joanne delivered on all of the key requirements. Her design enhances the open door management style, has added much needed flow and light and is easy to maintain. This Oakville interior design project incorporates the uniqueness of the client’s and their business. It is now an attractive modern facility that reflects the company, it’s people and it’s business direction.


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I wish you much luck in the future but with your skills you won’t need much luck to be successful.

Tom Hitchman, President

The Naylor Group Inc.