Incorporate 2012 Colour Trends Into Your Interior Decor

Posted on March 22, 2012 in Blog

Incorporate 2012 Colour Trends Into Your Interior Decor

2012 Colour Trends for home decor focus on the neutral shades found in nature with greys from past seasons continuing as dominant background colours.The influence of nature is not only seen in colour, but also in textures and patterns displayed in the fabrics of accent items such as pillows, rugs and lamp shades. Christopher Muther of the Pantone Color Institute has identified Tangerine Tango as their colour of 2012. Muther presents the theory that orange represents the sunshine and warmth we are all drawn to.

The 2012 Sherwin-Williams color-mix byline states “survey the landscape and discover core palettes inspired by Mother Earth.”
Whether we realize it or or not, colour is a significant part of our lives.  The colours you wear and the colours which surround you in your home can affect your energy, your mood and your level of comfort. You probably have a basic understanding of why rooms decorated in a certain style with attractive coordinating colours make you feel comfortable, but have no idea how to create that setting. Most people know that bright colors such as red and orange create an energized environment. But can you imagine sitting for eight hours working in a vibrant orange space? It would not be very effective for most people. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the calming shades of blue, which work well to create an atmosphere of rest. Does this mean blue will make you fall asleep? Not at all.
And what about the colurs you like? Living in a home surrounded by pink when you love green will effect your energy level. And even influence whether you want to stay at home. So, yes it is vital that your personal preferences of colour be incorporated into your home decor. The good news is that trends generally incorporate a tonal range of almost every colour family. It is the intensity and shades that get updated by trends.
In your search for some of the colours  which appeal to you, consider taking a walk outdoors to notice which colours or combinations of colour you are attracted to. Or take a spin through your closet to see what has captured your eye consistently. Remember who, when and how you will be using the space you are thinking of redecorating. Magazines are another great resource. I recommend you just flip pages and note the page you are drawn to and don’t initially concern yourself with why. Later look at the 5 or 10 pages you have marked for common elements. Are they all a similar colour palette? Do they all have calming or sophisticated or bright themes?
If you are a typical professional, you lead a full and busy family life and do not make time available to decorate for yourself, nor do you have sufficient resources to create those alluring magazine rooms you long to achieve.This situation can result in your residence continuing in a frustrated state of outdated decor. If you are looking to create an attractive and updated look incorporating your style and 2012 colour trends for home decor, a wise choice would be finding and hiring a competent professional designer/decorator to work with you in achieving a personal colour palette. Look for a knowledgeable professional who exhibits an approachable style, and make arrangements for a colour consultation with them.  You are sure to be pleased with the outstanding result of your updated home decor.


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